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Soloviov Alexander
General Director JSC "Zarubezhtransstroi"

V/O "Zarubezhtechnotrans" was set up by Decree of the Ñouncil of Ministers of the USSR N 2097 R of September 21, 1978 with the Ministry for Transport Construction as All-Union Association for Technical Assistance in Construction of Transport Projects in Foreign Countries.

The Council of Ministers of the USSR instructed State Labour Committee after being previously agreed with the Ministry of Finance to approve post rates of salaries of the employees V/O "Zarubezhtechnotrans" and obliged the Moscow City Executive Committee to make office premises available for V/O "Zarubezhtechnotrans's" location in 1978.

Ekimchev D.M., the Chief of Main Technical Department, member of collegium of the Ministry for Transport Construction, was appointed to the post of the Chief of V/O "Zarubezhtechnotrans".

The Minister Sosnov I.D approved the list of staff consisting of 66 persons and provided V/O "Zarubezhtechnotrans" with temporary premises in the building of Design Institute in Basmanniy tupik.

For permanent location of V/O "Zarubezhtechnotrans" the Moscow City Executive Committee allocated the first and second floors of the dwelling house in Novaya Basmannaya street.

The Deputy Minister for Transport Construction mr.Kozlov V.M, as well as the officials Sazonov V.A.,Loguinov V.N.,Bezrukov I.M.,Dmitriyev I.M., Boroday E.L.,Tolpeguin A.A., Kurilenko V.I., Bezpalko V.F.,Soloviov A.V.contributed much in creation and formation of V/O " Zarubezhtechnotrans".

Sosnov Ivan
The Minister for Transport
Construction USSR
Breznev Vladimir
The Minister for Transport Construction, The president of Corporation "Transstroi"

The main task of V/O "Zarubezhtechnotrans" was to ensure the execution of functions assigned to the Ministry for Transport Construction by the USSR Government on technical assistance to foreign states in construction of transport projects.

Since July 1, 1979 V/O "Zarubezhtechnotrans" began to manage all foreign affairs of the Ministry for Transport Construction of the USSR concerning technical assistance in the construction of transport projects abroad .

The order of the Minister N 23 of January 27,1986 was of the following content: To assign the task of realization of construction of transport projects abroad by soviet entities on contractual terms to All-Union Association "Zarubezhtechnotrans".

By Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR N 376 of March 24, 1988 All-Union Association "Zarubezhtechnotrans" was renamed in All-Union Production Association "Zarubezhtransstroi".

In connection with the liquidation at the end of 1991 of the Ministry for Transport Construction of the USSR by decision of the General Meeting of the Association of December 11, 1991 and the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Russian Federation of January 17,1992 All-Union Production Association "Zarubezhtransstroi" was transformed in State Production Association "Zarubezhtransstroi"(GPO "Zarubezhtransstroi").

In 1992 the General Meeting of the collective of State Production Association "Zarubezhtransstroi" took the decision on privatization.

"By order N 289 R of February 9, 1994 State Property Committee of Russian Federation transformed State Production Association "Zarubezhtransstroi" in Open type Joint-Stock Company "Zarubezhtransstroi", approved the Articles of Joint Stock Company "Zarubezhtransstroi" and privatization plan, and imposed upon Mr. Polozov V.I. the duty of General Director of JSC "Zarubezhtransstroi" . By the same order N 17 of March 30, 1994 the following persons were appointed as General Director Deputies: Boroday E.L.- First Deputy, Pochtov V.A., Gurov E.N., Zemskov E.L., Egorov N.K."

The Moscow Registration Chamber registered the Joint-Stock Company "Zarubezhtransstroi" and gave the certificate of the registration of the joint-stock company on March 11,1994.

The Joint -Stock Company "Zarubezhtransstroi " became successor of State Production Association "Zarubezhtransstroi".

In connection with the Law of Russian Federation relating to the joint-stock companies the third annual general meeting of shareholders renamed Open type Joint-Stock Company "Zarubezhtransstroi" in Open Joint-Stock Company "Zarubezhtransstroi", under this name JSC "Zarubezhtransstroi" is acting nowadays.

The Ministry for Transport Construction began to take part in construction of transport projects abroad outright after its formation in 1954.

Already in 1955 the volume of technical assistance( project works and supplies of equipment, construction structures and materials) amounted to 300.000 roubles(in internal prices of the USSR).

Since that time the volume of participation of the Ministry for Transport Construction of the USSR in construction abroad was constantly growing after being reached by the end of seventies (by the time of formation of JSC "Zarubezhtransstroi")tens of millions roubles a year.

The first countries in creation of transport systems of which the Ministry for Transport Construction of the USSR contributed much were as follows: Mongolia, Afghanistan and Syria. During these years the railway network in Mongolia has been created and constructed about 1500 km of motorways (hard surfacing) with tunnel and galleries at the mountain pass of Salang in Afghanistan, Latakia-Aleppo-Kamishly Railway, Railway Akkari-Tartus-Seaport (50 km) as well as Maydin Motorway Bridge across the river Efrat in Syria.

The Ministry for Transport Construction of the USSR has constructed a lot of major transport projects in China( including the bridge across Yanzi river) and reconstructed the railway Tumaygan- port Radjan in Korean People's Democratic Republic).

Under technical assistance of the Ministry for Transport Construction were constructed the Railway Baghdad-Basra in Iraq (540 km, 1970), the Motorway Simba-Janakpur (109 km,1973) in Nepal, the Motorway Hodeida-Taiz (200 km,1967), Hodeida Seaport in Yemen (1968), State Frontier -Koshice Railway (90 km,1967) in Czechoslovakia, State Frontier - Katovice Railway (397 km,1979) in Poland, Conakry-Debele Railway (114 km, 1975), shore facilities of the railway Ferry Varna-Iljichevsk (USSR) and reconstructed Vin-Khoshimin Railway (1310 km, 1975) destroyed by American agressors.

Under the intergovernmental agreement between USSR and Czechoslovakia dtd 1970 the Ministry for Transport Construction rendered technical assistance in construction of underground railway in Prague. Shields ,erectors,drilling rigs and construction equipment,materials have been supplied to Czechoslovakia as well as the soviet experts being sent for realization of design, construction and exploitation. The first line of the subway open in July of 1974 was equipped with excalators and turnstiles of soviet production as well as with wagons of Mititshi Machine Construction Plant being also supplied.While constructing tunnels under the river Vltava have been successfully used shields of Yasinovataya plant with finishing of pressed concrete.

More than 500 czech workers and engineers have been trained and received great experience of construction and exploitation of underground railways in the USSR.

The second stage of Prague undeground was put into operation in august of 1978.

The Ministry for Transport Construction rendered technical assistance in designing and rehabilitation of Havana -Santiago de Cuba Railway of 800 km long.The first stage of this railway(286 km) was put into operation in Santa Clara.

Soviet experts took great part in construction of berths and in reconstruction of the port in Havana as well as in other projects in different countries.

For the years of its activity from the day of foundation in 1978 V/O Zarubezhtechnotrans", State Production Association "Zarubezhtransstroi" - JSC "Zarubezhtransstroi" participated in realization of more than 500 projects in the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Under technical assistance of JSC "Zarubezhtransstroi" have been constructed the railways in Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Mongolia, Guinea, Cuba and Argentina.

For the last ten years were under construction express highway "Le Prince" in Conakry ( Guinea), channel Keitele-Piyanne in Finland, Cherkezkoy-Kapikule electrified railway in Turkey as well as the other transport projects in Bulgaria, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Syria.

JSC" Zarubezhtransstroi" as to its organizational form being a Russian Open Joint -Stock Company enjoys full economic independence .

Company carries out external economic activity relating to the construction of transport projects on a "turn-key " basis as well as technical assistance to foreign contractors in elaboration of designs, in construction, in supplying materials, equipment, machines and mechanisms, in sending of skilled specialists for a business trip abroad, in training of foreign specialists and rendering assistance in exploitation of constructed projects.

JSC "Zarubezhtransstroi" carries out abroad on a " turn-key " basis design and construction works on following projects: railways and highways, underground and tunnels, railway and high-way bridges and overbridges, sea and river ports and harbours; navigation canals and dredging works, electrification of railways.

JSC "Zarubezhtransstroi" renders technical assistance in the field of transport construction: consulting engineering , research and design works, sending of skilled experts for a business trip abroad, supply of sets of equipment and materials, customer training .

174 shareholders are the owners of JSC "Zarubezhtransstroi ".

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