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13/2, Novaja Basmannaja st. Moscow 107078, Russia
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Name of Company:
Registered office address:
13/2, Novaja Basmannaja st. Moscow 107078, Russia
13/2, Novaja Basmannaja st.,Moscow 107078, Russia.
(095) 262-94-93
(095) 267-49-91

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi in accordance with its organizational form being a Russian Open Type Joint Stock Company enjoys full economic independence and carries out foreign economic activity relating to the construction of transport projects on a “turn-key” basis, renders technical assistance to the Foreign Contractor in projects’ elaboration, construction, supplying equipment, materials and machines, sending on a business trip the qualified specialists , training the foreign experts and rendering assistance in operation of the completed projects.

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi’s construction departments are equipped with high production home and foreign techniques for construction of railways and highways, bridges and tunnels, hydrotechnical structures and other transport projects.

According to our designs many projects have been constructed in seismic zones in the conditions of rather difficult relief, climate and engineering geology.

The advanced technologies which have these organizations available with their wealth of experience have been used in constructing different projects abroad.

Over the years of its activity since the date of foundation in 1978, JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has participated in the execution of more than 500 projects in the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, some of them are given below.

The railways in Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia (Czekhiya) , Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Mongolia, Cuba, Guinea and Argentina have been designed and constructed with our technical assistance.

Over the last 10 years JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has successfully completed major projects on a “turn-key” basis such as: Express Motorway“ Le Prince” in Guinea (Conakry), Keitele-Paiyanne Canal in Finland, Cherkezkoy-Kapikule Railway in Turkey as well as the other transport projects in Bulgaria, Mongolia, Afghanistan, and Syria.

While working abroad we actively collaborate with local firms attracting them for the execution of some kinds of construction works including deliveries of local materials and articles as well as hiring of local labour.

As a result of the company’s impeccable performance over the past 30 years, JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s leading construction contractors.

Over the years, JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has diversified extensively to meet the ever-growing and changing needs of the industrial market demands in Russia as well as in the CIS countries.

Besides the works abroad at present JSC Zarubezhtransstroi is engaged in search and construction of different projects in Russia and the CIS countries having production base available in the city of Viborg (Leningrad region) and functioning up to this date.

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has over 50 dedicated professionals who are experts in their respective fields. With our wealth of experience, resources, management, contacts and strategic alliance partnership the group of our professionals is prepared to undertake the various needs of the construction industry.


Zarubezhtransstroi being a Russian joint stock company has a status of a legal person and enjoys full economic independence.

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi is a legal successor of GPO Zarubezhtransstroi of the former USSR Ministry for Transportation Construction possessing large experience in building and designing railways, and highways, bridges , underground railways, sea and river ports and other transport projects.

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi ( former state undertaking) is registered as a joint stock company since 11.03.1994 by the Moscow Registration Chamber. The Certificate has the registration No.008.246-ÐÏ Series MÐÏ.

In 2002 a new entry was inserted in the United State Register of Legal Persons (registration No. 1027739011167).

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has a licence available D 818226 dtd December 18, 2006 for the buildings’ and structures’s construction of 1 and II levels of responsibility in accordance with state standard, inclusive:

  • realization of General Contractor functions;
  • hydrotechnical works while erecting sea and river structures in protected and open water areas.

The license is valid till December 12, 2011.

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has got the Certificate of Adequacy N 12-00777 to GOST R ISO 9001-2001(ISO 9001:2000 ) Requirements valid till December 2, 2008.

The present Certificate attests the Quality Management System relating to the execution of design works on transport construction projects, buildings and structures inclusive the realization of General Designer’s functions; construction and erection works on building and structures construction, transport construction projects, hydrotechnical structures including the execution of General Contractor’s functions.


177 shareholders of JSC ZARUBEZHTRANSSTROI , inclusive 2 legal persons.

Total: About 50 persons
Technical: 10%
Administrative: 3%

The general director: Secretary:
A.V. Soloviov L.S. Onitchuk
Name Position Years of experience/
general in JSC "ZTS" in transport construction
V.F. Bezpalko Deputy General Director
Chief Engineer
S.V. Pozdniakov Deputy General Director
Construction Department Chief
N.V. Filippov Chief Accountant 16/35

Zarubezhtransstroi Co. has got available full set of construction equipment and machinery of 1994-2000 as well as spare parts for them to execute any project in the field of transport construction. Type and number of the equipment depend on the project.

The various percenatages related to the different types of construction works carried out by the company for the last 10 years :

  railway construction - 20 %,

  road transport construction - 30 %,

  bridges and tunnels - 15 %,

  hydrotechnical works - 20 %,

  other works - 15%


Zarubezhtransstroi Co.has wide business relations with foreign countries and its collaboration experience dates more than 25 years back.

Zarubezhtransstroi Co. carries out abroad on general contract terms the following construction works and projects:

 railways and highways;

 metropolitan underground railways and tunnels;

 railway and highways bridges and overpasses;

 sea and river ports, and wharfs;

 navigable canals and dredging work;

 electrification of railways;

 railway signalling, communication and block facilities;


 finishing work of unique buildings, structures and metropolitan underground railway stations.

 stabilization of unstable soils by nitrogen ( cryogenic) freezing by means of surface and underground execution.

Zarubezhtransstroi Co. renders technical assistance in the field of transportation construction, e.g.:

 engineering consulting;

 survey and design work;

 deputing highly skilled experts;

 supply of complete sets of equipment and materials;

 training Customer's personnel;

 assembling supervision, adjustment and placing the equipment into service;

 geodetic and mine survey operations;

 testing of bridges and viaducts.

For the years of co-operation with foreign companies with assistance of Zarubezhtransstroi Co. there have been constructed and put into operation about 1500 km. of railway lines in the Syrian Arab Republic, plants for manufacturing R.C.C. sleeepers and rail fastenings and rail-welding Plant in Cuba, 197 km long highway in Laos, unique rail and road bridge in Vietnam,metropolitan underground railways in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and much different. Being under constrcution are the navigable channel in Finland, the "Prince"Motorway in Guinea, the electrification of Chekezkoy-Kapikule Railway in the Republic of Turkey.

The designing institutes have elaborated a number of large engineering projects including designs of the railway across High Plateau in Algeria and electrification and signalling of Retiro-Pilar in Argentina.

Executing the orders, Zarubezhtransstroi Co. always does its best to meet the Customer's requirements and uses the most economical ways of construction and the most-up-to date technologies.


 KABUL-DOSHI- port SHIRHAN,399 km long, bitumen maccadam, including the SALANG tunnel, 2676 m and avalanche protection works 5.020m long,1966;

 KUSHKA-GERAT-KANDAGAR with cement concrete pavement, 680 km, 1965;

 NAIBABAD-HIGHRATON, bitumen maccadam, 57 km,1971;

 PULI-HUMRI-MAZARI-SHERIF-SHIBERGAN, bitumen maccadam,330 km, 1971;

 road and rail bridge in Highraton, 816m, 1983. Three dwelling houses and store houses in Highraton,1990.

 Wharf and bank protection works in the Highraton port etc.


 Designing of the railway SAIDA-ALGIER, 470 km, 1986


 Restoration of 23 bridges, 1978-1988


 Design of electrification, installation of the signalling system of the railway line RETIRO-MERCEDES 112 km, 1989;


 Shore facilities of the railway ferry between VARNA-ILYICHEVSK, 1979;

 Signalling system of the railway road of SOFIA-KARLOVO in 1971;

 The first line of the underground in SOFIA of 6.1km long, built in 1990;

 Reconstruction and modernization of signalling system at railway stations PLOVDIV, FILIPOVO, KRUMOVO, IGNATIEVO.


 Construction of the plant manufacturing pre-cast sleepers in SANTA-CLARA city with the capacity of 1 mln. pieces a year, 1984;

 Railwelding plant in KUMBRE-PLASTES with the capacity of 400 km of railway a year, 1986;

 Three wharfs in Havana port (17,21,22) 615m, 1986;

 Railway HAVANA-SANTIAGO DE CUBA, 837 km, 1981;

 Construction of the locomotive and wagon depot in SANTA-CLARA


 Metropolitan underground railway in Prague, 32km, 1990;

 Railway STATE BOARDER-KOSHICE,90 km ,1967;

 High speed transport system in Bratislava, 8 km, 1989;

 Finishing jobs at the underground station "Moskovskaya" in Prague, 1985.


 Construction of KEITELE-PAIJANNE canal 45km, with 5 bridges, 1997.


 Construction of the railway line Conakry-Debele , 114 km, 1975;

 Restoration of the railway line BDK, 1993;

 Construction of the motorway "PRINCE" , 16,2 km, 1998;

 Construction of the motorway "South and North Corniche" , 20 km ,1998;

 Construction of automobile road in Labe , 15 km, 1999.


 Metropolitan underground railway in Budapest. Consultations, deliveries.


 Underground in Calcutta, consultations.


 Designing of the railway line MESHHED-SERAKS, 168 km, 1991;

 Electrification of the railway line DJULFA-TEBRIZ, 150 km, 1979.


 Railway line BAGDAD-BASRA, 540 km, 1970.


 Bridge across the NEN river, 84m, 1977;

 Bridge across the NGOOM river, 252m, 1984;

 Bridge across the KADING river, 345 m, 1985;

 Bridge across the SEBANGHIENG river, 206m, 1987;

 Automobile road N 9, 197 km, 1988.


 Survey work, designing and construction of the AMPITABE-MAHONORO-MAROLAMBO highway, 288 km.


 Railway road SALHIT-ERDENET , 169km, 1988;

 Railway road SINE-SHUNDH-BAYAN , 54 km, 1983;

 Railway road HARA ARRAG-BORUNDUR , 60 km, 1987;


 Bridges across the ORHON, TALA, BAIDRAG, EROO rivers, 1988;

 Reconstruction and expansion of the railway station SUKHE-BATOR, 1990;

 Expansion of the ULAN-BATOR railway station;

 Expansion of the HOTOOL railway station, 1984;

 Reconstruction of the locomotive yard of the ULAN-BATOR station and other projects.


 Highway SIMRA-JANAKPUR, 109 km, 1973;

 Bridge across river PASAHA, 165.5 m;

 Bridge across river Bakeya, 355.5 m;

 Bridge across river Bagmati, 353.5m;

 Bridge across river LAKHANDEI, 204.6m.


 Railway road STATE BOARDER-KATOVICE, 397 km, 1979;

 The first line of underground in WARSAW, 23 km, 1990.




HOMS-AKKARI-RATUS, 107 km, 1980;


HOMS-DAMASCUS, 208km, 1983;

HOMS-ALEPPO, 180 km, 1984;

HAMA-MHARDI, 25 km, 1979;

DAMASCUS-DERAA, 110km, 1990;

DERIR ez ZOR-ABU KEMAL,150 km, 1991;

Access railways to industrial enterprises, 117.9 km, 1991.

Highway bridges and viaducts:

Bridge in MAYADIN across Efrat river, 519 m, 1978;

Bridge KARA-KAZAOUK across Efrat river, 607m, 1980;

Viaduct across river Barada near Al-GAMI, 309m, 1983;

Bridge at the approach to the viaduct near AL-GAMI, 2112.5m, 1984;

Bridge across Efrat river, ABU-KEMAL, 476.5m, 1987;

Design of the bridge across Efrat river near Jerablus, 434.2m, 1980;

Damascus interchange KASR DIAFI-BARAMKI: main trestle bridge-276.5m, access trestle - 112m, bridge across river Barada- 25.4m, 1983 .


 Electrification of the railway Cerkezkoy-Kapicule, 255 km, 1997.


 Construction of the bridge across river THANG LONG in HANOI, 5500m, 1985;

 Construction of two bridges on the raiway HANOI-LAOKAI, 600m;

 Construction of the plant producing railway switches in DONG-DING, 1985;

 Technological line for manufacturing precast sleepers (225.000 sleepers a year), 1984;

 HANOI diversion railway line, 70 km, 1988.


 Automobile road HADEIDA-TAIZ, 200 km, 1967;

 Fish port in ADEN;

 Sea port in HADEIDA, 1968.


Location: Finland

Employer: Main Marine Department of Finland

Contract price: 168.000.000 FIM

Date: February 1990-1997

Description: 48 km long, 5 locks, 6 bridges.

Volume of works:


- Earthworks - 850.000 cu. m.

- Rock - 140.000 cu. m.

- RCC structures - 31.000 cu. m.

- Steel structures - 1.200 t.


- Soil pumping - 80.000 cu. m

- Soil excavating - 110.000 cu. m

- Rock soil - 1000 cu. m


- Steel structures - 1.800t

- RCC Structures - 10.000 cu. m

Client Contract for Reference purposes: tel 1838-531

Keitele-Paijanne canal is designed for bundled timberrafting and navigation and laid along natural water flow in the Middle Finland.

The canal has joined the navigating channels of the Paijanne canal( in the south) and the Pielavesi-Keitele canal( in the North) into the united navigating system 436 km long.

The construction of the canal was executed by JSC Zarubezhtransstroi on a "turn-key" basis in 1990-1995.

The main contract included the erection of five locks, six bridges, dredging works and lock gates with their gear.

The total length of the Keitele-Paijanne canal is 48 km out of which 2.5 km is canal section to be newly dug and the rest of the route of natural water flow to be dredged.

The canal bottom width of the section to be newly dug is 25 m and that of the lake sections is 45 m and more. The navigation depth is 3 m. The useful length of five locks is 110m , each lock is 16m wide.

The level of water in locks ranger from 2.5 to 8 m.

There are 6 bridges constructed for providing motor transport traffic: 4 steel concrete bridges, one arch all metal bridge and one precast bridge .


Project name: Electrification of Cherkeskoy-Kapikule Railway



- Transelectromontazh Co., Moscow, Russia

- Lengiprotrans, Petersburg, Russia

Location: Turkey

Description: 255 km section

Value of contract: 20.000.000 USD

Scheduled date for completion of work: 1997

Cherkezkoy-Kapikule Turkish Railway Electrification Project was carried out by JSC Zarubezhtransstroi on a " turn-key" basis in 1995. The implementation of such a project has been caused by the necessity of creation of ecologically pured railway's network for passenger and cargo transportation from Istanbul to Munich and other cities of European countries using electrolocomotives instead of diesel ones.

The extension of railway is 190 km. For the period since 1992 to 1995 construction and erection works have been carried out without traffic stoppage along the whole extension of railway including 14 stations with total length of 225 km of electrified tracks.

Erection works have been carried out under European Standards using the design of assemblies and parts of more than 500 denominations manufactured and supplied from Russia.

Catenary construction has been executed by Russian qualified specialists using special equipment and mechanisms which have been supplied from Russia.

Construction and erection works have been completed in strict accordance with the requirements of International Standards including reliability and precised regulation of contact wire units.

Project name: "LE PRINCE" MOTORWAY

Employer: Ministere de l'Amenagement de la Guinee

Consultant: Soyuzdorproekt, Moscow, Russia

Location: Conakry,Guinea

Description: 16,2 km Motorway

Percentage participation of company in Project: 100%

Value of contract: 46,665,038 USD

Scheduled date for completion of work: 1998

Project name: Construction of the motorway in Conakry -"North and South Corniche",20km,1998


Value of contract: 3.300.000 USD

Project name:Construction of the motorway in Guinea, Labe, 15 km,1999


Value of contract: 2.500.000 USD

Project name: Project of improvement and equipement of Sonfonia zone. Lot 1-4

Location: Guinea.

Value of contract:2.590.000 USD

Date of completion of works: 2003-2004

Description: Roadway system - water conduit.

Project name:Execution of works on rehabilitation and installation of asphalt and concrete pavement on road sections of secondary roadway system in Conakry, urban roadway system in Dubreka and in Tanene-Vava.

Location: Guinea.

Contract value:16.232.000 USD

Date of completion of works: 2007

Description:42700 m.

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Year Abroad Total
1973-2007 350.000.000 350.000.000
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