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13/2, Novaja Basmannaja st. Moscow 107078, Russia
Tel: (495) 262-94-93
Fax: (495) 267-49-91

Name of Company:
Registered office address:
13/2, Novaja Basmannaja st. Moscow 107078, Russia
13/2, Novaja Basmannaja st.,Moscow 107078, Russia.
(095) 262-94-93
(095) 267-49-91

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi in accordance with its organizational form being a Russian Open Type Joint Stock Company enjoys full economic independence and carries out foreign economic activity relating to the construction of transport projects on a “turn-key” basis, renders technical assistance to the Foreign Contractor in projects’ elaboration, construction, supplying equipment, materials and machines, sending on a business trip the qualified specialists , training the foreign experts and rendering assistance in operation of the completed projects.

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi’s construction departments are equipped with high production home and foreign techniques for construction of railways and highways, bridges and tunnels, hydrotechnical structures and other transport projects.

According to our designs many projects have been constructed in seismic zones in the conditions of rather difficult relief, climate and engineering geology.

The advanced technologies which have these organizations available with their wealth of experience have been used in constructing different projects abroad.

Over the years of its activity since the date of foundation in 1978, JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has participated in the execution of more than 500 projects in the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, some of them are given below.

The railways in Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia (Czekhiya) , Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Mongolia, Cuba, Guinea and Argentina have been designed and constructed with our technical assistance.

Over the last 10 years JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has successfully completed major projects on a “turn-key” basis such as: Express Motorway“ Le Prince” in Guinea (Conakry), Keitele-Paiyanne Canal in Finland, Cherkezkoy-Kapikule Railway in Turkey as well as the other transport projects in Bulgaria, Mongolia, Afghanistan, and Syria.

While working abroad we actively collaborate with local firms attracting them for the execution of some kinds of construction works including deliveries of local materials and articles as well as hiring of local labour.

As a result of the company’s impeccable performance over the past 30 years, JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s leading construction contractors.

Over the years, JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has diversified extensively to meet the ever-growing and changing needs of the industrial market demands in Russia as well as in the CIS countries.

Besides the works abroad at present JSC Zarubezhtransstroi is engaged in search and construction of different projects in Russia and the CIS countries having production base available in the city of Viborg (Leningrad region) and functioning up to this date.

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has over 50 dedicated professionals who are experts in their respective fields. With our wealth of experience, resources, management, contacts and strategic alliance partnership the group of our professionals is prepared to undertake the various needs of the construction industry.


Zarubezhtransstroi being a Russian joint stock company has a status of a legal person and enjoys full economic independence.

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi is a legal successor of GPO Zarubezhtransstroi of the former USSR Ministry for Transportation Construction possessing large experience in building and designing railways, and highways, bridges , underground railways, sea and river ports and other transport projects.

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi ( former state undertaking) is registered as a joint stock company since 11.03.1994 by the Moscow Registration Chamber. The Certificate has the registration No.008.246-ÐÏ Series MÐÏ.

In 2002 a new entry was inserted in the United State Register of Legal Persons (registration No. 1027739011167).

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has a licence available D 818226 dtd December 18, 2006 for the buildings’ and structures’s construction of 1 and II levels of responsibility in accordance with state standard, inclusive:

  • realization of General Contractor functions;
  • hydrotechnical works while erecting sea and river structures in protected and open water areas.

The license is valid till December 12, 2011.

JSC Zarubezhtransstroi has got the Certificate of Adequacy N 12-00777 to GOST R ISO 9001-2001(ISO 9001:2000 ) Requirements valid till December 2, 2008.

The present Certificate attests the Quality Management System relating to the execution of design works on transport construction projects, buildings and structures inclusive the realization of General Designer’s functions; construction and erection works on building and structures construction, transport construction projects, hydrotechnical structures including the execution of General Contractor’s functions.


JSC ZARUBEZHTRANSSTROI has 171 shareholder inclusive 2 legal persons as on the 15th October 2007

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